Opulence Beauty MD


Hi! I’m Dr. Anika Goodwin, the founder of OpulenceMD Beauty, a board-certified ophthalmologist and someone who used to really love glue-on lash extensions - until one day they stopped loving me back.

Like a lot of my patients, and maybe even yourself, years of using traditional glue adhesive lashes had damaged my natural lashes to the point I needed the fake ones to look like my “real” self. The proverbial vicious cycle had begun, and I wanted out.

As a doctor, I think we should never have to sacrifice our health to look good. Yet that’s the bind the beauty industry puts us in, especially when it comes to ocular health. And that’s when I realized my experience as a physician and a consumer put me in a unique position to create products that would free all of us from making that choice.

So get ready to open your eyes to something better: OpulenceMD Beauty, a full range of glue-free, magnetic lashes, eye makeup, skincare and tools made to keep your eyes safe, simplify your beauty routine and keep your self-confidence limitless.


Slay your style safely. All of our products are developed and tested under the guidance of Dr. Anika Goodwin, with a focus on gentle, safe beauty solutions and ease of use.

Magnetic Lashes
Skip the glue, keep the glam. Our premium magnetic lashes are quicker and easier to apply than traditional options and won’t damage your natural lashes.

Pair your lashes with magnetic liners, brow care and a mascara that tells you when it’s time to get tossed.

Lid Care
Keep your eyes healthy with our ultra-gentle cleansers, eye makeup removers and eye-safe SPFs made to physician standards.

Tools and Accessories
Our innovative tools and accessories bring together ease, artistry and healthy eye care practices.


One of the leading chronic diseases affecting Americans right now is diabetes, a disease that can eventually cause damage to the eyes. Regular eye screenings are an important part of diabetes management, but for some, access is limited or not even available. That’s why every Double Lash Essentials Kit purchased at regular price helps sponsor a free or low cost diabetic screening exam.